Memmo Baleeira Participates in Sagres Bird Watching Festival

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Memmo Baleeira


As Portugal’s annual Sagres Bird Watching Festival gets ready for another year of nature-inspired fun, the Memmo Baleeira hotel does the same.

The 144-room boutique property in Sagres, Portugal, is a partner for this year’s festival, which runs between Sept. 30-Oct. 7. During this time, guests can take part in the bird migration to catch sight of eagles, vultures, hawks and falcons. Over land, your clients can join a birding expert to observe the birds or catch, study and release them, or they can take a water excursion to observe the migration from an entirely different vantage point.

Guests of Memmo Baleeira will also enjoy a healthy lunch or energy box filled with homemade goods as they set out on their daytime excursions—which can also include activities such as hiking, cycling, dolphin watching and horseback riding.

Memmo Baleeira is a Design Hotels property with a location that makes plenty of outdoor activities easily accessible in woodlands, farmlands, sand dunes and sea. Early Bird rates during the Sagres Bird Watching Festival start at $132 per night, with standard rates starting at $151 per night. For more information, call (800) 337-4685 or visit