A Singita Safari Adventure

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After a brief picture-taking session of our not-so-newfound friends, we head off in search of the lions. All of the Singita guides in different vehicles keep in touch with one another throughout the drives, sharing news on where and when they’ve sighted game. As we come up on our lion friends, they are all sprawled out around one another, totally passed out like frat brothers after a major party night. We’re talking comatose. When another vehicle pulls up and shines its spotlight on them, they stir a little, but are clearly unimpressed with all the activity they have created and promptly collapse again.

We finally give up and head out, but then the radio crackles and another vehicle calls in and says they spotted two lionesses out on the hunt. Our vehicle barrels ahead and within a few minutes we spot them, casually slinking their way through the bush and totally ignoring the safari vehicles closing in on them. As the lions creep through the trees and brush, we continue to follow them as they hunt. It’s bizarre when you think about it—the spectators stalking the hunters stalking the prey, which in this case are a giraffe and her baby—the baby being the prime item on the lion’s shopping list. We can see the prey against the skyline in a small clearing, mom standing still with her long neck reaching the treetops.

As we round a corner, we leave the dirt road and drive into the brush, and we spot still another of Mother Nature’s anomalies. The two lionesses we have been stalking have separated, apparently on an agreed attack mode since they are obviously hunting together, when we come up on one of the original lionesses, nuzzling a third lioness, apparently, according to our guide, both lionesses are trying to determine if one or the other is a threat. An apparent truce is called and they go their separate ways, with our original lioness focusing once again on her prey.

Once again, fate and Mother Nature step in and two lions appear. But being young males, they are more interested in hitting on the females than dinner—that apparently would come later after their other appetites were sated. The girls, though, have other plans, but while this little drama plays out, Mama giraffe and her young one take off to live again another day, all thanks to the bumbling efforts of two swinging lions from Singita who not only struck out romance-wise, but lost a chance to share dinner with them, as well.

Tell clients interested in booking this magnificent lodge, to make it a minimum of three nights, not only to take advantage of all the wonderful facilities such as the spa, gym, dining and, of course, the rich and exciting game drives, but also to experience one of the most relaxing vacation opportunities they will ever have.