Egypt Eager to Beef Up Tourism Numbers

With tourism numbers faltering, Egypt is working very hard to get the numbers moving up again and back to their pre-revolution numbers, particularly in North America where travelers seem to be particularly wary of heading back to Egypt again. The Egyptian Minister of Tourism, Mounir Fakhry Abd El-Nour, last week told the panelist at the United Nation’s World Tourism Day event in Aswan, “We are very honored to be hosting the official celebrations of World Tourism Day 2011 in Egypt. Tourism is one of the most important sectors of our society, representing 12 percent of our GDP in 2010 and responsible for one in every seven jobs. World Tourism Day is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness around the world of this vital economic sector and its contribution to social, economic and environmental well-being worldwide and in Egypt in particular.” El-Nour also reminded North American travelers in particular that not one foreign visitor has been injured either during the revolution nor since and that Egypt is now probably one of the world’s safest destinations with a beefed-up force of tourism police at virtually every attraction in the country and high level security at all of the hotels.

El-Nour pointed out in a recent interview that Egyptian tourism is already planning new global tourism promotions, with an emphasis on North America, primarily because many European travelers are already returning to the country although not in the same numbers as 2010.

Still, even though most of the tourism officials and hospitality principals we spoke to on a recent trip to Egypt said that the tourism infrastructure has held remarkably well and most are confident that after the elections are held—probably early in 2012 or close to it—tourism will bounce back readily.

But there really is no reason to wait because there’s never been a better time to visit this incredible land of antiquities. All of the hotels are offering value pricing, tour programs are attractively priced, as is Nile cruising and best of all, there are no huge crowds at the country’s numerous attractions which means you can enjoy more now in a fraction of the time it would have taken last year.

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