Africa & Middle East

Africa & Middle East

Going First Class in Turkey

Turkey is still probably one of the most value-centric destinations in Europe and Asia. But if your clients can afford it, nothing beats heading off

Savoring the Splendors of Egypt & the Nile

The lure of ancient civilizations, the teeming masses feeding excitement into the bustling, exotic city of Cairo and the small villages and...

Morocco: Life Experiences & Luxury Lifestyles

There's probably no place in the world where the term "redefined luxury" is more applicable than Morocco with its growing upscale product...

Ancient Egypt Up to Date

Every destination in the world would have us believe its unique, but few are. Egypt is an exception, for it has remnants from antiquity...

South Africa’s for Everyone

It’s starting to become obvious that just about everybody loves South Africa—first-timers to Africa, honeymooners and now soccer fans. But

Tanzania Moving Out From Kenya’s Safari Show

Over the years, Tanzania - thanks to improvements in infrastructure, accommodations and flight availability - has slowly and resolutely...

South Africa with Goway Travel

From the time of the earliest European “tourists” to Africa, the main draw to the continent was the thrill of safari. Even today, the sheer

Magical Magnificence in Marrakech

There’s something magical about Marrakech—a desert city that mesmerizes visitors with its blend of the traditional and the contemporary, it’s

A Singita Safari Adventure

Africa is an adventure—a continent full of exciting experiences, from the desert sands of Morocco and Egypt, to the game-filled savannahs

Touring the Kasbah

Morocco has added appeal to today's honeymooners.


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