Africa & Middle East

Africa & Middle East

South Africa with Goway Travel

From the time of the earliest European “tourists” to Africa, the main draw to the continent was the thrill of safari. Even today, the sheer

Magical Magnificence in Marrakech

There’s something magical about Marrakech—a desert city that mesmerizes visitors with its blend of the traditional and the contemporary, it’s

A Singita Safari Adventure

Africa is an adventure—a continent full of exciting experiences, from the desert sands of Morocco and Egypt, to the game-filled savannahs

Touring the Kasbah

Morocco has added appeal to today's honeymooners.

Ten Days in Timeless Egypt

We recently traveled to Egypt with the USTOA Executive Council and right from our arrival in Cairo it proved to be an amazing trip. Indeed, it’s...

Egypt Tourism Looks to 2009

For the past several years, Egypt has been a tourism stalwart and even in the current economic climate, continues with strong sales...

Egypt: Eternal and Essential

There are fewer more once-in-a-lifetime places to be than Egypt, where journeys hold the promise of enchantments - both ancient and modern...

Luxurious South Africa

South Africa is without doubt one of the most popular destinations on the African continent for North American travelers.

Africa on Sale

From the crowded streets of Cairo and the kasbahs of Morocco, to the splendored plains of the Masai Mara and the game-rich lands of...


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