Spiritual India

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Its remoteness, stunning setting and serenity makes guests feel as if they’ve left civilization far behind, yet the ashram-retreat is conveniently located to the hectic pace of urban India.

At KARE, yoga is elevated to a fine art. There are classes on meditation, instruction on different asanas, and alternative medicine treatments conducted by renowned experts and yogi masters.

It has been said that a stay at KARE will unlock the body’s capacities while leading practitioners to find harmony, balance and resonance in their lives.

It is one of the most respected resorts of its kind in India. The service is superb and the rates are within the budget of most travelers.

While day programs (from about $60), are available, KARE also has a cluster of accommodations for guests participating in longer treatments and exercises. The De-Stress cottage (from about $120 per night dbl) includes Ayurvedic vegetarian meals, body and diet consultation, massage and yoga therapies. KARE’s Age Reversal Treatment in a larger, more luxurious cottage costs approximately $150 per night dbl.

With a wealth of retreats, ashrams and first-rate sightseeing, India remains the ultimate destination for travelers seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment—just as it has been for centuries.