Abercrombie & Kent’s Celebrations

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For the ultimate romantic showstopper, says Davy, there’s a ’round-the-world trip, great for couples who have at least a good month to spend. “There are so many moving parts to this—but the important part is the hand-off from one destination to another. I did one starting in Australia, proceeding to Kenya, up to Egypt, then turned the corner and went up to Europe, and at every point, you turn the page to a new chapter,” she states. “It’s a hand-off from one A&K office to the next. It’s smooth and it’s seamless, and the likes of the clients can be passed along…there’s a seamless element to a complicated journey.

“So I think it’s those details that aren’t as glamorous to talk about as stardust or hot-air balloons, but these are elements that are crucial when you’re designing the trip that’s this important for a special moment for a couple.”

To help agents sell certain destinations, the company has created “virtual videos” that give the client a true idea of what they’ll experience in that region, from Antarctica to Egypt to Machu Picchu. These are available on A&K’s YouTube channel: youtube.com/abercrombiekent.

In addition, the company’s World of A&K iPad app is another way for agents to explore different destinations with the client, to determine which might be best suited for them.

For more information, call (888) 611-4711 or visit abercrombiekent.com.