Affordable Europe

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Meanwhile, there are all kinds of ways to save money with rail travel in Europe and it’s also one of the best ways to go from city center to city center without paying for costly cab rides or airport transfers. By booking with Rail Europe here, you can get your small groups of two to five people traveling together special savings with the Saverpass. All travelers must simply be present at the start to validate their pass (and always travel together for France Saverpasses). And to sweeten the deal further, children receive an even greater discount on their portion of the Saverpass.

If your client is a traveler below 26 years of age on the first date of travel, you can also find them discounted rates for passes and tickets on some trains. These Youth rates are generally offered in second class only, dependant on availability within the specific country of travel and good for any traveler above 15 years of age. When completing the booking process, be sure to note the number of youth travelers and their ages when you are prompted. This will secure the best rate for you. The same applies for seniors over the age of 60 who are also eligible for a discounted rate. It is a little more limited than the other discounts mentioned and only offered on certain passes and specific trains and are generally offered in first class only.