Berlin Before & After the Wall

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“It’s a very exclusive experience and we have a long-standing relationship with many of the drivers,” says Terry K. Follosco, CTC, director of Europe product development, Classic Vacations. “You have the guide’s undivided attention to point out insider tips and the client is able to customize their tour, which you could never do with a bus tour.”

Bonty C. Escallon, director of Europe operations, Classic Vacations, says, “The first curiosity is to see some of ex-East Berlin and how the old history is tied to the new. And when you return, it’s so interesting to see how the city is changing.”

Classic also offers a Potsdam Tour by Mercedes that visits Cecilienhof Palace, where the Potsdam Conference took place between Stalin, Churchill and Truman to negotiate the end of WWII. About 15 miles from Berlin’s center, Glienicke Bridge links Berlin and Potsdam where the Superpowers once exchanged captured spies.

Follosco explains that clients rarely book just Berlin because train rides to Prague are so quickly accessible. Classic also puts together packages combining three nights each in Berlin and Munich with a short flight in between.

For nonstop flights into Germany from the U.S. west coast, Air Berlin flies out of L.A. and San Francisco, and from the east coast, from JFK and Miami.