Discover the Golden Era of Bruges with All Five Senses


1435 was a golden age for Bruges—now Flanders, Belgium. From autumn 2012, your clients will be able to experience all of that affluence and beauty thanks to the prestigious Historium. Not only true to history but also the senses, using “5S,” a new concept that stimulates the five senses.

In seven themed rooms, the Golden Age of Bruges returns. Guests can steep themselves in an engaging love story that brings the Middle Ages back to life. They’ll be overwhelmed by a cinematic panorama of the ever-bustling harbor; they’ll hear the lapping of the water—film, scenery, music and special effects all melt into one magical experience. All of their senses become stimulated. They’ll be surprised by the delightful scents in the bathhouse; breathe in the heavenly aromas and listen to the naughty giggles emanating from the bathers; feel the whirling snow fall in the streets of old Bruges; nose around in Van Eyck’s studio. And last but by no means least, they’ll experience it all in their own language.

The Historium is located in a pearl of a building on the Town Square in the heart of the city—not just a building, but an authentic historical building dating from the early-20th century neo-Gothic in style. A style born from a passion for the Middle Ages. Located in the historic city center, it is the ideal base, the gateway for a visit to Bruges.

The Historium will also have a beer cafe and shop with a breathtaking view over the Town Square. So after traveling back in time, you can sit back, let all the impressions sink in, and indulge in this special memory.

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