Get Rewarded When Saving Clients 20 Percent with Eurostar Standard Premier Sale

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Known for whisking travelers between London, Paris and Brussels with panoramic views and in serene comfort, the Eurostar train is the most popular mode of high-speed, long-distance transportation in Europe. And now, not only can you save your clients 20 percent off their booking, but you get an Amazon gift card, too.

Just book your clients’ Eurostar Standard Premier tickets before March 14, and you’ll receive a $10 Amazon gift card for each booking you make. And in addition to the money they’re saving, your clients will save time as well, while at the station printing their easy-to-access e-tickets, and while riding on Eurostar’s high-speed rail service.

Of the most popular routes, London to Lille is one of the fastest, taking just one hour 20 minutes. Give it an extra half hour and your clients can travel between London and Brussels, or hop between major destinations in a little over two hours, traveling between London and Paris. Whichever route it is that will best serve your clients’ travel needs, Rail Europe and Eurostar will get them there quickly.

And don’t forget—one of the best things about Europe is how easy it is to travel from country to country. Point out to your clients just how close Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain are, and find out if they’re interested in one of the many Eurail passes available, such as the Eurail Select Pass, allowing unlimited travel on national rail networks of three, four or five bordering countries, and the Eurail Global Pass, allowing unlimited train travel in all of Europe.

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