Globus Tops Awards List

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RCA Winner Logo Globus and, of course, the Globus family of brands, has to be one of the most consistent Readers’ Choice Awards winners in the 15-year history of Recommend’s awards program with 12 straight

wins as the Best Tour Operator, Europe; five straight wins as Best Tour Operator, Asia; four straight years as Best Tour Operator for Travel Agent Support and for the first time this year, Best Travel Agent Support, International Destination.

“We had a really great year,” Jennifer Halboth, director of marketing for Globus, enthuses. “We even got a new one this year and we’re very excited about it—Best Travel Agent Support for International Destination,” pointing out that Globus had won Best Tour Operator for several years. “But this is a new one, so we’ve won four awards this year. I was blown away.”

Halboth says the company puts a lot of effort into that support function, a function she says is as much a part of its business model as the quality of product they offer across all four brands—Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Cruises, its international river cruise product.

“Obviously, we want to be operationally sound. We want agents to think that they can confidently send their clients to Europe, Asia or any other destination,” Halboth points out. “But when you boil it down, how we support that is with our business model, so to get these awards, it means a lot.”

Halboth is convinced that the company has been extremely successful in making agents aware of its four brands and more importantly, that they know the distinctions between the four brands and at the same time, the consistency across all four brands.

“They have a tendency to think of Globus as the all-encompassing brand when they think of any of the four brands—it’s a kind of halo effect,” she offers. “It’s like, no matter what I buy from the Globus family of brands, I’m going to get a high level of product and I’m going to get a high level of support.”

Indeed, that brand philosophy and halo effect is apparent in both its Asian and European product inventory and no doubt the main reason for the company’s consistent performance in our annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

In Asia, for example, “We’re seeing Vietnam and Cambodia sell really well, on both the Monograms side and Avalon side. In terms of volume, it’s the Mekong cruise. But other great stories are the Secrets of India on the Globus side. But I think Vietnam and Cambodia are the really hot destinations because between Globus, Monograms and Avalon, we’ve got multiple ways to get our clients there. We’re also seeing really nice growth on the Yangtze cruises, as well.”

The same applies to Europe, Halboth points out. “We’ve seen some nice growth in France over the last couple of years because now we have even more product there. That’s where we’re finding the most success, when we can have all of our brands servicing a destination, because it’s like however you want to get there, we can get you there.

“These past couple of months we’ve been doing something called ‘Blitz,’ and what it is, it’s during a concentrated period of time in the fall, our sales team is out in force. Out front, in person, doing webinars, attending shows—anything that could possibly be going on, we’re there.” And, she adds, “our sales team now is bigger than ever. We’re kind of relentless in trying to be there side-by-side with the agents as they’re trying to grow their business or help them overcome obstacles or handle any kind of doubts that might be there, we’re right there—it’s more of our philosophy than ever. I don’t see us letting up.”

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