In Search of Flanders' Holy Ale

We wish we had more space to talk about the rest of the afternoon savoring the central square with its magnificent buildings and Brussels’ wonderful little side streets and their waffle kiosks, the sweet smelling chocolate shops and little sidewalk cafes. But we’re going to go more in-depth about that in our special Flanders supplement coverage in the September issue. You won’t want to miss it!

But we do need to reflect on how traveling across the Flanders countryside has allowed us such an interesting look at Flemish culture, particularly at an aspect that gives you an insight into how subtle historical and cultural nuances can affect society long-term and become just as much a part of the contemporary as they are of the past.

The Flanders beer, cuisine and social cultures and fabric are tattooed on their society and the people of Flanders react to it and absorb it as naturally as breathing, making it part of their national pride and an inherent aspect of their culture and at the same time, treasure it enough to savor and preserve it for their future offspring. And as visitors to that culture, we’re all the better for it.