MIR Corporation’s Russian Winter Wonderland Tour

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The highlight of MIR Corporation's new Russian Winter Wonderland tour is a lavish New Year’s Eve Czar's Ball in Catherine’s Palace.
The highlight of MIR Corporation’s new Russian Winter Wonderland tour is a lavish New Year’s Eve Czar’s Ball in Catherine’s Palace.

MIR Corporation is heralding in the New Year with its new Russian Winter Wonderland tour. The 10-day celebratory tour, starting at $5,695 pp, visits Moscow, the country’s 300-year-old imperial capital; Suzdal, a small town dating back to the 12th century; and St. Petersburg, where a lavish New Year’s Eve Czar’s Ball will take place in Catherine’s Palace amongst crystal chandeliers, orchestral music and waltzing couples. MIR Signature Experiences sprinkled throughout the tour include a ballet or opera performance at one of the St. Petersburg’s historic theaters and a visit to the first established churches and monasteries in Vladimir and Suzdal, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For more information, call (800) 424-7289 or visit mircorp.com.

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