Bella Italia

Italy, a land that continues to inspire writers, artists and casual visitors alike, is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Everyone seems

France: Mais Oui!

World travelers have always had a love affair with France, and Americans—from Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to Gene Kelly and Julia Child

Rail Europe Takes a Double Consecutive Win

Rail Europe is on track with its second consecutive win in Recommend’s Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Rail Vacation Provider and still another

Bravo Starwood!

Travel agents gave a resounding round of applause to Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ myriad travel agent tools, awarding the hotel company with

VisitBritain Tops International List for Agent Support

After resolving all those pesky little differences of opinion following the war of 1812, Great Britain and the U.S. have had a long history of

Romania: Europe’s Undiscovered Bargain Treasure

Romania is a microcosm of traditional European splendor with fairy tale castles and a lush, charming countryside with quaint, relatively...

The Langham, London

Updating any historic property takes a careful touch, but when one of the oldest resorts in one of the most historic cities in the world needs a

London with Teens in Tow

Even for those who’ve already been to London, it’s a great time to re-visit—especially if you have clients who are thinking of going on a family

Puglia, Italy

Italy is always on top of the popularity charts in Recommend’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” for Europe’s best selling destination. Yet we wonder

Edinburgh Lets its Hair Down

It is as frisky as it is traditional, with a hint of the supernatural. Everywhere you turn in Edinburgh, you’ll get told a story about ghosts or villains

Rail Europe: Riding the Rails in France and the U.K.

A unique travel experience is always an adventure. Combine that with visits to two of the most exciting cities in the world—Paris and London

Vive la France Honeymoons

Thanks to literature, film and the arts over the centuries, France has become universally emblematic of romance - a symbol of "amour"...

Honeymoons in Italy – Now That’s Amore!

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, singing gondoliers in Venice, moonlit nights in Tuscany, quiet drives along the Amalfi Coast and dinner for two...

Portugal on the Plush

We recently tagged along on a FAM trip to the beautiful country of Portugal with Escapade Vacations for a look at the properties and itineraries...

Affordable Europe

Certainly few would argue that in today's economic climate, just about everyone is due for a little belt tightening. But that doesn't mean...

Spain’s Basque Country

Leaving behind notions of sangria, flamenco and other stereotypes of southern Spain in the dust, Basque Country is finally getting its due...


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