The Flavors of France at The Biltmore Hotel

The succulent second course dish prepared by Chef Pugin. Photo Credit Simply Chic Photography
The succulent second course dish prepared by Chef Gregory Pugin. (Photo Credit: Simply Chic Photography)

Earlier this month, Recommend was invited to an 8-course dinner at The Biltmore Hotel’s five-diamond, award-winning French restaurant, Palme d’Or. The occasion? To taste the culinary creations of the restaurant’s executive chef Gregory Pugin who is presenting three new summer tasting menus, ranging from four to eight courses.

Chef Pugin, a Michelin-starred chef born and raised in the southwest region of France, has created these new menus representing traditional elements of French cuisine with his own personal take on French culinary classics; all dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients imported from France.

The new tasting menus, which can also be paired with wine, are offered in three courses—a 4-course menu priced at $95 pp, a 6-course menu at $115 pp, and an 8-course menu at $145 pp. “We’re thrilled to present these three delicious new tasting menus that offer the same renowned experience and exquisite cuisine, but with approachable price options that can be enjoyed by all,” said Pugin.

Aside from the beautiful presentations, the 8-course dining experience featured decadent creations, such as the second course salade tiede de pommes de terre, which translates to a “warm potato salad with smoked salmon, lemon cream and caviar.” The dish is a traditional potato salad prepared with olive oil, cucumber and shallot vinegar complemented with smoked salmon, toasted bread with lemon cream, diced eggs, caviar and mashed riquette coulis.

Palme d’Or, located inside The Biltmore Hotel in the city of Coral Gables, FL, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. For more information, call (305) 913-3200 or visit