Tours For Women: No Men Allowed!

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Asia TransPacific Journeys
Take a women-only shopping trip of a lifetime through a spice market like this one with Asia Transpacific Journeys.

Girl’s days are great: a few hours of shopping with your best buds, getting your nails done together or deviously sipping a cocktail—before 5 o’clock. Better yet are ladies nights, full of loud laughter and fearless flirting with any man who dares get too close. So we’re just following along the same logic when we offer this selection of girls-only getaways—the natural next step for a fabulously female fun time.

The Ultimate Shopping Trip
You wouldn’t go to the mall with a group of strangers, would you? In addition to its standard small-group itineraries, Asia Transpacific Journeys makes it a point to offer fully-customizable journeys that take your clients wherever they want to go, with whoever they want to go with. And if they’re apt to get excited over a girls-only shopping trip, the company suggests none other than India.

The company describes India’s bazaars as a place where, “For centuries, merchants have flocked with troves of hand-beaded necklaces and slippers, vibrant batik dresses and silks, and aromatic spices.” A shopping trip through such markets could include any—or all—of the following:

• The night markets of Goa, offering colorful clothes and accessories in myriad stalls
• Delhi’s lesser-known Dilli Haat, where less shoppers mean it’s still a bargain shopper’s paradise
• Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar, known as the “Thieves Market,” full of antiques and old coins
• Mandurai’s Market at Meenakshi Temple, where the market takes residence inside the painted halls of the temple, and where elaborately decorated elephants roam through its halls
• Cochin’s Spice Market, which still reflects the history of British, Dutch, Portuguese and Arab occupancy

Rates for a customized ladies shopping retreat in India vary based on itinerary. For more information, call (800) 642-2742 or visit

Taking Time For Themselves
Sights and Soul Travels, LLC—which specializes in luxury tours and vacations for women—offers just the thing for ladies who are ready for a trip of their own. With its tours, the company says, guests can travel in the non-competitive, supportive company of other women, where they can let down their hair, explore at their own pace, connect with other women and truly rest and relax.

With the release of its 2013 tour calendar, Sights and Soul Travels has announced 18 women-only tours lined up throughout the year, visiting 26 destinations around the globe. The 5-day Ultimate New York City is a perfect compromise for those ladies who want to get away without going super far. From April 19-23, 2013, guests choosing this itinerary will experience NYC magic with a Broadway musical, a jazz dinner cruise around Manhattan, a carriage ride through Central Park and a luncheon on the lake. Tours include the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rockefeller Center, plus a visit to the 9/11 Memorial and a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Rates start at $1,895 pp dbl.

Additional destinations throughout next year include Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Morocco and Argentina—just to name a few. And, to be fair, Sights and Soul Travels does let men tag along…but only on certain itineraries. For more information, call (866) 737-9602 or visit

Where Fun is Part of the Journey
With three tours left for 2012, and five more currently on offer for 2013, Broad Horizons continues along on its 8-year streak of offering tailor-made itineraries with exclusively female-friendly inclusions.

The company offers small-group tours through Europe, Asia/South Pacific, Africa and South America, each one apparently as fun as the next. “They’re all popular,” says Aileen Stewart, group program coordinator. “Some of last year’s favorites were Peru, East Africa, and Vietnam & Cambodia. Of course, Italy is always a favorite. But we’ve been introducing our 2013 itineraries, and China and New Zealand are both filling up quickly, too.”

No wonder—the company’s China itinerary looks fantastic. Starting at $4,370, the tour lasts 16 days, doing much more than the obligatory (yet spectacular) visits to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. Instead of just scratching the surface, ladies on this tour will get a feel for the “real China” by practicing Chinese calligraphy and making dumplings with a local family; visiting the lower platform of the Terracotta Warriors Museum, an area off-limits to the general public; interacting with and donating supplies to the children of a local school; and taking part in a good many more guided tours; city walks; cultural shows and rickshaw, boat and train rides.

This itinerary has just one departure date, from May 20-June 4, with rates inclusive of domestic airfare, all accommodations, tours, admissions and meals as per itinerary. For more information, call (877) 844-5444 or visit