Your Pass to London

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Thriving with everything from fabulous stores and restaurants, to historical sites and museums, it’s not difficult to see why London has long been a favorite destination for Europe-bound travelers. And when clients are skipping the tours and visiting the city on their own, selling attraction pass add-ons is a great option for both you and your clients.

“London is a fantastic city that is packed with things to do, and with the Olympics just around the corner, the capital has a real buzz,” says Amanda Truman, director of product marketing, Leisure Pass Group With the London Pass smartcard, tourists can take advantage of free entry to over 55 of the city’s top attractions. And the best part? It’s commissionable to travel agents.

“The London Pass offers access to a wide range of sightseeing attractions across the city, from Westminster Abbey to Queens Ice & Bowl,” Truman tells Recommend. “Even if users only purchase a 1-day London Pass, they can start to make savings from the third attraction they visit. The London Bridge Experience, a cruise on the River Thames and the Tower of London would cost over $75 and the 1-day London Pass is just $60. The 6-day London Pass is the biggest money saver as it amounts to under about $22 a day—cheaper than single entry to the Tower of London, ZSL London Zoo and Wimbledon Experience Tour. It makes much more sense financially to pay for a single pass covering many attractions than queue and pay individually at each venue.”

She adds that with the pass, users are also able to take advantage of special benefits, like jumping to the front of the line at the most popular attractions. “There’s also over 30 additional deals and discounts such as a VIP pass at the prestigious Westfield shopping center in Shepherd’s Bush, West London entitling users to great discounts at over 60 retailers, restaurants, and food outlets and a free gift at world-renowned department store Harrods,” Truman says.

And with the new London Pass Dining Guide, priced at about $14, visitors can take advantage of up to 50 percent at 38 of London’s favorite restaurants. “Some of the popular restaurants included in the guide include Azzuro, Cape Town Fish Market, La Brasserie Mayfair, Little Sicily and Planet Hollywood,” notes Truman.

“There are agents out there who are doing great city-break business and could really make the most of such a fantastic add-on,” Truman tells Recommend. “The London Pass effectively gives agents the opportunity to earn from their clients’ sightseeing. Retailers can also demonstrate their expertise and the value they bring to the booking process. Although relatively easy to self-package as a consumer, there remains great potential for decent margins for agents who scoop up these bookings by offering expert knowledge and added value options.”

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