ASTA International Destination Expo 2012

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The Ciudadela of Machu Picchu, by Enrique Castro-Mendívil / PromPeru

ASTA’s International Destination Expo 2012 (IDE) in Lima, Peru, is fast approaching with an event date set for March 1-4. Already in place are a wide assortment of elements designed to provide travel agents all of the information and experience they need to sell South America.

Events occurring throughout the Expo will have participants traveling through time to experience the traditions, gastronomy, crafts, dances, music and culture of ancient, colonial and modern Peru. Meanwhile, educational workshops are set to cover a range of tourism opportunities, with topics including:

Celebrate in Peru, focusing on the more than 3,000 festivals that explore Peruvian ancestry, religion and culture annually;

Social Responsibility Initiatives, outlining eco/green tourism options, including volunteer travel, community tourism, and the support of conservations and socio-economic development projects;

Lima and the Mystical Desert, covering the enigmatic Nazca Lines etched into the desert surface hundreds of years ago by Peru’s first inhabitants, so large that they can only be seen by air;

Peru’s Sand Kingdoms, highlighting Peru’s Northern Kingdoms full of archaeological sites dating back to A.D. 100, including the Valley of Pyramids in Tucume and the dry forest of Pomac;

Adventure Travel, an introduction to the Incan archaeological remains waiting to be trekked, the Andean culture waiting to be explored, and the snow-capped peaks that offer amazing views of the land—all without sacrificing the comforts of a luxurious hotel;

The Richest Planet on Earth, where agents will learn how to showcase the Peruvian Amazon as a developed and sophisticated travel destination, filled with top-notch river cruising, diverse eco-lodging options, escorted jungle walks and cultural exchanges with local communities;

Family Travel, showcasing a balance of activities for all age groups, such as a meeting with a Peruvian storyteller, visiting a llama farm, white-water rafting and an encounter with the sights and sounds of the artisan markets;

Peru’s Iconic Masterpieces, summarizing the best ways to build an itinerary while including as many of the country’s 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible.

Registration is currently open for the International Destination Expo 2012. Admission starts at $359 for ASTA and NACTA member travel agents, $399 for non-member travel agents and $429 for guests or registered delegates. For more information, visit