Avanti's Latin Beat

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Avanti Destinations copped Recommend’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Tour Operator, Latin America, and president Harry Dalgaard called to say, “thank you” from Ushuaia, Argentina, where he was about to start filming a “Live from Patagonia-Small Ship Cruises” webinar. “Argentina is booming this year and next year looks even better,” he reports, “and the same is true for Peru. These are two of the destinations in South America that are more exciting than ever, due to big infrastructure expansion and increases in regional air services, all giving us many more options for customizing vacations.” Lan Peru’s new flight from Lima to Easter Island is just one example, Dalgaard gives, another is the new ease of traveling between countries, combining Argentina and Chile by air, by boat and bus in the Lake District, by small ship cruises between Ushuaia and Punta Arenas.

Dalgaard points out Avanti Destinations’ biggest demand is for customized vacations, for which the company has dozens of packages guiding agents to the possibilities of travel in Latin America. There are close to 20 alone for Costa Rica, for instance, which agents easily mix and match into client vacations by using Avanti’s PRO-F.I.T. booking engine. Also online is an archive of educational webinars, starring Avanti staff introducing various destinations: “live on location.”