Chile: The Two Extremes

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The ride is a beautiful one and as we get closer to the winery, the road twists and turns through the rolling hills and gorgeous countryside. Chile is truly beautiful and it’s got more scenery changes than a fashion maven has wardrobes. The Matetic Winery is a fairly new winery but its wine production is based on organic production and ancient principals of wine growing—there are no insecticides and the facilities themselves were designed specifically to accommodate organic principals. They produce an excellent chardonnay and pinot noir, as well as a syrah, a sauvignon blanc and a merlot-malbec.

The winery also has a small resort that is more B&B style to fit in with the vineyard environment. The rooms are gorgeous with a lot of French farmhouse in their style, but very elegant and reasonably priced. It’s an excellent 1-night stay for clients spending time in or around Santiago.

But no matter where you go in Chile, little surprises like the Matetic Winery are around every corner. Watch for our coverage on LAN Airlines for travel to Chile.