Cruising Wilderness Around the World

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Book your clients a hands-on adventure family cruise with AdventureSmith Explorations. Family cruises available for 2012 include destinations such as Baja, Panama Canal and Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Borneo and Peruvian Amazon, among others.

Each cruise ship carries between 12-148 people, some of which set aside special departures dedicated to family programs. With such small ships, AdventureSmith Explorations is able to provide personalized experiences focused on authentic nature and culture. While cruising, various opportunities will present themselves to travelers, such as the chance to kayak among icebergs, swim with sea lions, or catch piranha in the Amazon.

A featured cruise is the Glacier Bay and Island Adventure itinerary, which takes passengers throughout Southeast Alaska to destinations such as Sitka, the Peril Straits, Red Bluff Bay and Frederick Sound. Your clients will also tour the lesser-known ports of the area, and have plenty of opportunity for birdwatching, photography and hiking, and to learn about natural history and conservation.  Itineraries can be booked for 3-, 6- or 8-days, with rates ranging from $899 to $6,795 pp dbl. based on tour length, category and season.

Discounted rates are available on most tours for children and teenagers. For more information, call (877) 620-2875 or visit