Discover the Treasures of Brazil

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This article originally appeared in the 2012 Brazil Travel Planner. It has been extracted from its original format. To read the full travel planner, visit the digital edition.

Is bigger always better? Well, in some cases yes, for continent-size Brazil is an enormous gem of a country, with beautiful people and places to match. Rio de Janeiro is its essence, Sao Paulo its economic boomtown, and Salvador da Bahia its spiritual heartland. Inland from the Atlantic coast and all the way from the Amazon to Iguaçu Falls, visitors will find it hard not to respond to the Brazilian beat.

Brazil borders every country on the continent except Chile and Ecuador. And those borders embrace tropical and temperate forests, deserts, grasslands, wetlands and thousands of miles of beaches, as well as a mosaic of European, African and Indian cultures that offer the visitor special cuisines, folklore, music, arts and crafts.

Brazil offers your clients adventures big and small. Thinking big, they can scale the rock walls of Sugar Loaf or Corcovado in Rio, raft beneath Iguaçu Falls, dune-buggy across the Ceara beaches, or swim with pink river dolphins in the Rio Negro. On a smaller scale, they can canoe along the Amazon, explore the Pantanal on horseback, take a samba lesson in Rio, or even a cooking class in Paraty. Of course, Brazil also beckons to surfers and divers, dog paddlers and sun worshipers to come frolic and kick-back along its 5,000 miles of beautiful Atlantic beaches.

While it’s the razzle-dazzle of Carnival that puts Brazil in the spotlight annually, more fame is headed its way when both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics comes to Rio. In getting ready for those major happenings, hundreds of infrastructure projects are underway. By the time the opening whistle blows for the World Cup matches, new hotels, led by international hotel chains, will have changed the accommodations profile of the country. And already helping put Brazil more solidly in the mainstream for U.S. travelers is the phenomenal boom in air services between the two countries: eight airlines now operate flights from 12 U.S. gateways to seven cities in Brazil. With greater accessibility, planning travel to Brazil is easier the first time—and the next.

Embratur, the Brazilian Tourism Board, invites you—our industry partners—and your clients to explore and get to know the places and faces of this many-splendored nation. We are confident you’ll find the most rewarding experiences await all travel-treasure seekers in Brazil. Bem-vindo and Boa Viagem.

Found Only in Brazil

♦ Iguaçu Falls: higher and wider than Niagara

♦ A bird’s-eye view of Rio when hang-gliding over Guanabara Bay

♦ Rio’s most naturally beautiful beaches: Barra da Tijuca, Prainha, Grumari

♦ Outside Manaus, the Amazon River forms at the “meeting of the waters”

♦ A capirinha cocktail, the national drink

♦ Soccer, the national passion, is called futebol

♦ The candomble religion of the northeast, a special blend of African divinities and Christian saints

♦ More than 1,700 species of birds—more than North America and Europe combined

♦ Where samba’s king—but listen out for the beat of bossa nova, axe, forro and frevo

♦ In 2014, the World Cup is on stage

♦ In 2016, the Summer Olympics move into Rio

♦ In 2013, Carnival’s coming Feb. 8-12


Flying on down to Brazil

Currently, the following airlines offer nonstop flights between U.S. and Brazilian gateways:

American Airlines: New York (JFK) to Rio (GIG) & Sao Paulo (GRU); Dallas to Sao Paulo & Rio; Miami to Belo Horizonte (CNF), Brasilia (BSB), Recife (REC), Rio, Salvador (SAA), Sao Paulo

Delta Air Lines: Atlanta to Brasilia, Rio, Sao Paulo; Detroit to Sao Paulo

Korean Air: Los Angeles to Sao Paulo

LAN: San Francisco to Sao Paulo

TAM: Miami to Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Manaus (MAU), Rio, Sao Paulo; Orlando to Sao Paulo

United Airlines: Chicago to Sao Paulo; Houston to Sao Paulo & Rio; Los Angeles to Sao Paulo; New York (EWR) to Sao Paulo; Washington, D.C. to Sao Paulo & Rio

US Airways: Charlotte to Rio