Global Voluntourism with Greenloons

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One of the voluntourism itineraries offered by Greenloons allows travelers to take part in the Pacific Sea Turtle Project.
One of the voluntourism itineraries offered by Greenloons allows travelers to take part in the Pacific Sea Turtle Project.

As our culture grows ever more eco-friendly and environmentally aware, tours have been popping up that allow everyday travelers to lend a helping hand in regions worldwide.

Greenloons, a company focused on providing true ecotourism opportunities for travelers, offers a range of voluntourism packages in addition to its eco-friendly travel tours. Clients who want to make an impact on the world while they take in the wonders of a new destination will surely benefit from these itineraries, as will the communities they visit.

Project China–Pandas
Within 14 days, not only will your clients visit Beijing’s most famous sites—Xian’s terracotta warriors, the Great Wall and Shanghai—they’ll also spend time at the Special Commune, an organic farm-based community that has been developed to empower intellectually challenged individuals. Further, they’ll have the opportunity to volunteer at Bifengxia Panda Breeding Centre, the largest panda reserve in the world, where they’ll help to gather bamboo and supplementary food items, and occasionally assist with gathering behavioral data.

Project China–Pandas is available May through October with rates starting at $2,149 pp.

Explore Cambodia, Laos & Thailand
Volunteers will enjoy a varied itinerary through Southeast Asia, taking time to discover Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Laos and Bangkok in Thailand, with more stops in between. Volunteering opportunities will be available at New Hope, Cambodia, a grassroots non-governmental organization whose mission is to resore hope, dignity and promise to the local community. Travelers can expect to spend their time building community buildings such as schools or libraries, teaching, or visiting local families who are in need of assistance. When they’re not volunteering, your clients can expect to spend their time touring the area by bike, exploring caves, swimming or visiting the countryside.

Explore Cambodia & Laos is available monthly, year-round, with rates starting at $1,799 pp.

Project Peru Amazon
Offering a jungle adventure, Project Peru Amazon will take your clients on a motorized canoe trip up the Tambopata River, where they’ll stay for five days at Animal Shelter, a center for the rehabilitation and conservation of wild animals. Daily activities will include constructing animal enclosures, helping to maintain an interpretive trail, and interacting with the local community. An additional two days will be spent in the rainforest, where travelers will learn about traditional medicinal plants while spotting birds, caiman and monkeys.

Project Peru Amazon is available weekly, year-round, with rates starting at $1,299 per adult or $1,069 per child ages 12-17.

Project Costa Rica
In Costa Rica, your clients can take part in the Pacific Sea Turtle Project, a conservation initiative undertaken to protect endangered sea turtles and their nests to increase hatchling survival rates on Matapalo Beach. As part of the project, guests will collect data, participate in night beach patrols to ward off predators, do some light cleaning and maintenance and possibly monitor the turtle hatchery, where baby turtles are counted and released. They’ll also take two days to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest, as well as another two days to visit the town of La Fortuna, located at the base of the Arenal Volcano.

Project Costa Rica is available July through November with rates starting at $1,049 pp.

All of the above tours are recommended for travelers ages 12 and older. For more information, call (703) 752-6270 or visit