Maya World Tours Hosts End of an Era Festival Itinerary

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Maya World Tours


You might’ve heard it referred to as “doomsday” or the “Mayan apocalypse,” but in truth, the upcoming date of Dec. 21 is simply the beginning of a new Mayan calendar. To celebrate the completion of the calendar’s 12th b’ak’tun—a unit of time equal to 144,000 days—Maya World Tours is hosting the End of an Era Festival tour.

The 5-day camping itinerary has travelers settled in Ixpanpajul, Peten, Guatamala—an area of historic significance to the ancient Mayan people. There, your clients will visit the Mayan ceremonial and astronomy center, Uaxatun Park; they’ll climb to the top of the Two-Headed Snake Pyramid at Tikal National Park, one of the most important cities of the Mayan civilization; and on Dec. 20, as the current era fades and a new era begins, guests will sit by a campfire near the lagoon, watching and participating in an array of Mayan ceremonies.

Rates for the End of an Era Festival start from $430 pp dbl, inclusive of roundtrip internal transportation (flight from GUA-FRS-GUA or bus ticket); land transfers; 4-night tent accommodations; mattress without sheets; a lock to close the tent; use of toilets and showers in the park; guided tours and meals as per itinerary. For more information, call (305) 280-5486, visit or e-mail