Nip/Tuck in Latin America

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panama Not unlike Costa Rica to its south, Panama is one of Latin America’s up-and-coming medical tourism markets. Its strengths lie in a large corps of doctors trained abroad, mostly in the United States and the United Kingdom, so English is widely spoken, even among the staff. The country also uses the U.S. dollar as official currency, so there is none of that messy exchange or wondering if the prices might creep up if the dollar falls. Panama’s top hospital is Punta Pacifica, and it is indeed tops. Located in Panama City, Punta Pacifica has partnered with the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the United States, an important fact for decision makers in North America. Popular procedures include dental implants and surgeries, as well as orthopedic surgery, in-vitro fertilization and cosmetic surgery. Here, prices are half what they are in the United States, and the quality of care is typically top ranked.

Nip & Tuck offers medical tourism services worldwide, including eight countries in Latin America. The company claims it was the first in Panama to specialize in surgery holidays in the highest quality hospitals and with the most experienced surgeons. The focus is on cosmetic surgery holidays, for which Nip & Tuck handles negotiations for the best prices with the hospitals and hotel stays during pre- and post-surgery care. Customized packages include airport greeting on arrival, accommodations and meals, a tour of Panama City, assistance with and transport to all appointments, services of certified plastic and medical surgeons, visits to check on the patient before and after surgery, and the best rooms in clinics. In fact, Nip & Tuck clients have access to assistance 24/7.