Latin America

Latin America

Lake Titicaca into the Heights

Few places in Peru offer such easy access to the adventure of cultural discovery as the 3,200-sq.-mile Lake Titicaca region, which straddles...

Jungle Love in Belize

For clients on a first or second honeymoon, those renewing vows or celebrating anniversaries, Belize offers spectacular settings: tropical...

The Romantic Road to Rio

Against a backdrop of thrilling natural beauty amidst the city-resort’s infectious atmosphere, Rio de Janeiro is made for honeymoons...

Magical Guatemala

This Central America country offers action-packed getaways shrouded in Mayan tradition.

Colombia: Tourism’s Comeback Kid in South America

This close-by country is marching back into the prime tourism lineup with improved security countrywide and a major campaign of image...

Peru: Discovering the Unexpected

Travels to this South American country offer countless possibilities - tracking ancient civilizations, culinary feasts and jungle adventures.

El Salvador: Emerging, Unexplored and Welcoming

With its volcano-peaked landscapes, famous surfing beaches, Mayan ruins, unexplored rainforests, colonial towns, a circuit of colorful handicraft...

Galapagos Island in the Steps of Charles Darwin

2009 is a celebratory year in these Enchanted Isles, where sunflowers grow to treetop heights and Antarctic fur seals live right on the equator.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Buenos Aires: The Paris of South America.” It’s a cliched description of the capital, though it’s true that the two cities share some similarities...