The North Region

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Jericoacoara Beach
Jericoacoara Beach

Best Beach Bets

State of Alagoas

♦ Praia do Gunga, accessed by boat or dune buggy from Barra de Sao Miguel, which is 24 miles south of Maceio.

State of Ceara

♦ Jericoacoara (Brazil’s windsurfing and kitesurging capital) and Canoa Quebrada are the two top beaches outside of Fortaleza.

State of Bahia

♦ Barra Grande, 200 miles south of Salvador and perched on Camamu Bay, boasts a laid-back vibe and stunning beaches.

♦ Commandatuba and those around Itacare, known for its secluded white sand beaches and preserved Atlantic rainforest.

♦ Trancoso, upscale but not too developed, the village is cosmopolitan yet rustic, blessed with stunning beaches. Air gateway to all is Porto Seguro.

♦ Ilha Boipeba is known for its glorious, secluded white-sand beaches. Easiest access: air taxi from Salvador.