When Booking South America, Think Globus

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Though many travel professionals still think of European destinations when they consider Globus brands, the company has actually become specialists in South American tourism.

“Between Globus, Monograms and Avalon, we offer the widest product breadth to South America. That—combined with our hands-on approach to planning and operating, backed by a call center staff of true specialists—means agents have a trusted, go-to supplier when it comes to making the most of South America.”

These are the words of Steve Born, v.p. of marketing for the Globus family of brands. We recently conversed with Born to hear more about what Globus brands have to offer agents and their clients in the South American market.


Taylor Harker: I see for 2013, the company is offering seven updated South American tours—what’s being updated about them?

Steve Born: The biggest update is the addition of more local experiences on all of our Globus tours—these are very special included excursions that bring to life a local experience or personality. Examples include participating in a “Mother Earth” ceremony with a true shaman in Peru, learning to tango in Argentina and visiting a local family’s farm in Costa Rica to learn about daily life and to enjoy a homemade lunch with the family.

In addition, we’ve created a completely new Globus tour to South America, Peru Splendors. As Peru is our most popular South American destination, this tour offers a very attainable length of eight days, and price point starting at just $2,129 pp, to discover this amazing destination.

TH: Are there any other updated or new itineraries for 2013 that visit additional destinations?

SB: In addition to our new Peru tour, we’re also introducing a new Monograms vacation, Costa Rican Wonders with Tortuguero. Costa Rica is one of our fastest-growing destinations, and Monograms is doing very well there. This vacation offers the benefits of a tour in that all components are included, but does it all in an independent style.

TH: Which country or area do you see the most tours being booked to, of late? Why do you think this is currently trending?

SB: For South America, Peru leads the way. Its unique combination of history, culture and cuisine have turned Peru into a driving force for us. Between Globus and Monograms, we offer eight different vacations that feature Peru, and agents are coming to know us as a true specialist to the destination.



TH: Can you give me a basic overview of one or two of the most popular itineraries offered by Globus? Who would you recommend these trips for?

SB: One of our most popular South American tours is the Globus’ Legacy of the Incas. It’s a 12-day tour that provides a deep dive into the culture of Peru. A highlight of this vacation is a tour to Machu Picchu, a visit to the Temple of Sacsayhuaman, and the Local Favorites experience of a Mother Earth ceremony by a local shaman to thank Mother Earth and to ask for good health and safe travels. This trip also includes a Nazca Lines flightseeing tour. Legacy of the Incas is ideal for the experienced traveler of all ages, from families to empty nesters. Due to altitudes and active experiences, it’s for the more adventurous at heart.

Another of our most popular South America trips is our Monograms Brazil, Argentina and Chile independent package. It combines three full days in Rio with two in Iguassu Falls, three in Buenos Aires and three in Santiago, Chile—all connected with coordinated flights. It’s the perfect balance between touring and on-your-own, as it includes all trip components, with great hotels, transportation and sightseeing, done in an independent vs. group travel style, and all with a Monograms Local Host in each destination. These packages really cater to 40- and 50-somethings who are first-timers to South America.

TH: How would you compare national vs. international travel—is U.S. travel more popular for a specific market, while international travel is better marketed to a different group?

SB: There’s a lot of crossover, but we tend to see younger, more experienced travelers internationally, particularly to emerging destinations like South America.

TH: In terms of assistance, information, or perhaps marketing, what can Globus offer to travel agents?

SB: So glad you asked! We offer a full suite of customizable marketing materials, including email templates and direct mailers, to help agents tap into their South America interest. We communicate to agents which of their Globus family of brands travelers are interested in traveling to South America with us next, and we offer a series of training, both live and recorded, to make agents feel more comfortable with the destination. We even have a dedicated South America destination website, colorfulsouthamerica.com, to help agents market the destination. We truly are one-stop shopping when it comes to selling South America. Agent bookings are simply the most important part of our business to South America and any other destination. It’s what we build our family around.

TH: We always like to ask, would Globus be able to provide a special offer just for Recommend readers as an added incentive for them to book your tours for their clients?


SB: We are currently offering a great selection of South America offers to help readers close the sale. This includes a $600 per couple air credit on Globus and Monograms South America vacations if booked on LAN Airlines, one of our preferred carriers. Book now, as this offer expires Oct. 2.

For more information, call (866) 755-8581 or visit globusjourneys.com.