Aqua Cancun

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The water theme continues throughout the property with eight climate-controlled pools, each one a different temperature, and enticing views of the truly aqua waters that surround Cancun. Guests can reserve their own cabana at the property’s Shore Club and spend their time napping on a sun bed by the pool, enjoying a massage under the sun or ordering drinks and nibbles as they take in the day. Those not wanting to neglect their regimen will love Aqua’s outstanding gym and daily tai chi and yoga lessons.

Other delightful details that are unique to this hotel: Aqua celebrates a daily Sun & Moon Welcoming Ceremony, a Mayan-inspired ritual in which they say farewell to the sun and hello to the moon. The staff, in fact, wears light-colored uniforms during the day and then change to dark colors at night. And during early-morning tai chi, participants will be among the first to witness one of our favorite features about Aqua: every day, a trainer releases three gorgeous macaws that fly about at set times, regaling visitors with squawks and multi-colored streaks. They’ve even been known to deliver wedding rings and love notes to unsuspecting guests and enjoy flying above the hotel’s Garden of the Senses, where the elements of water, fire, air and earth, along with enchanting rhythms, allow visitors to completely detach and luxuriate in “me” time. Room rates at Aqua start at $337 per night. Next up for Aqua: a hotel in Mexico City.