Grand Solmar at Land's End Resort & Spa

Few places inspire us to drag ourselves out of bed before dawn, but an early-morning rise in Los Cabos is always worth it. We recently grumbled our way out of our cool, dark suite at the new Grand Solmar at Land’s End Resort & Spa in an attempt to challenge the deep-sea creatures that make Baja’s waters so famous among fishing devotees. Armed with our box lunches, we take off from the Cabo San Lucas marina with dozens of other boats heading out as dawn breaks over the Arch and Lovers’ Beach.

It’s your average gorgeous day in Baja California Sur and although we’re hoping to get a tan while we try our luck at sea, we have to settle for a mild greenish hue as choppy waters hit. Still, a few inspiring hours off Los Cabos’ shores is a treat—even if you come back empty-handed, you’re likely to get an eyeful of manta rays and other sea life jumping out of the water. We’re in the “Marlin Capital of the World” but are not that patient or knowledgeable to hope for one of the sea’s prized fish. The challenge of a nice-sized tuna is plenty thrilling and not an easy try as it puts up a 25-minute fight and keeps plunging into the deep. The final count for the day among our group—two tuna and two large and very handsome mahi-mahi. The biggest thrill of all, however, is being greeted by Pancho the sea lion as we near the marina. He’s a friend to the local fishermen and smart enough to trail safely behind each returning boat to enjoy the live bait left over from the day.

Armed with bigger fish to fry, saute and marinate, we choose to keep one of the mahi-mahis and once back on land, walk 50 steps to Fisherman’s Landing Bar right on the marina—you catch it, they’ll prepare it any number of ways and add plenty of side dishes to go with it for about $6 pp. The mahi is large enough for a feast for four, with plenty left over for the eatery to prepare as ceviche or grill it for others.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts owns the largest sportfishing fleet in Los Cabos, so a jaunt into the inky Sea of Cortes is an easy endeavor. Based on the size of their group, clients can choose the size of their customized boat, which run from 28- to 36-ft. sportfishers and come with fighting chairs and additional seating indoors and out. Pricing is based on an 8-hour fishing adventure and starts at $430 for a full day aboard the 28-ft. San Lucas, which fits up to four fishermen. All pricing includes fishing equipment, lures, a cooler with ice (for fish or beer) and the captain and mate.

at land’s end Grand Solmar, the fifth property from the Solmar Group, holds the distinction of being the only new hotel to open in Los Cabos this year, making it that much more enticing for clients hoping for a new take on the destination. Its unmatched location at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula—really at Land’s End—means that guests enjoy lots of privacy but are able to walk to downtown Cabo San Lucas for shopping, dining or nightlife. It also means that the crashing waves of the Sea of Cortes meeting the Pacific Ocean put on a daily sound show of roars and howls as you’re having breakfast at La Roca Restaurant or drinks by the snaking pool. Solmar Beach is by no means a swimmer’s beach, but a beautiful complement to the resort’s charms.

Clients wanting to stay more than a couple of days in Los Cabos will love the comfort and convenience of Grand Solmar’s accommodations. “Our suites are very spacious, with huge balconies and unobstructed views,” says Ricardo Orozco, managing director of Solmar Hotels & Resorts. A great add-on to the jr. and 1-bedroom suites are the queen-sized Murphy beds that take up no space but welcome more people into the room. Another perk: full kitchens for extended stays. Guests can easily stock up in town and dine in-room, sliding open those balcony doors and enjoying the view as they sip their morning coffee or have a late-night snack. They’ll find everything they need there, from utensils to coffee mugs. They can also order room service any time of day or night.