Hard Rock Hotels Makes Its Mark in Mexico

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TH: How about the Palace properties? How is this partnership with Hard Rock Hotels and Resorts going to affect you?

SW: For the Palace side, the benefit of the shift in some of our properties in the all-inclusive collection to the Hard Rock flag is to get a very clear message to the consumer that, if you want that edgy luxury, there is a great set of properties for you. There is a great side of that market.

Alternatively, maybe for some guests, that’s not the product for them, and if they want a high level of traditional luxury with the inclusions that we mentioned before, Palace Resorts is definitely the properties that you want to look at.

It’s very important to us to make sure that the market is very clear on the fact that we do have a current name amongst travel agents. There is a service expectation that exists, and we want to be clear that, from an operational standpoint, the level of service and expectation the client should have at all properties, be them Palace or Hard Rock, nothing changes. It’s still the same owners and operators.

TH: What do Palace Resorts and the all-inclusive Hard Rock properties do to help the agent community?

FM: We rely heavily on the travel agent community, so we’ve created programs to help them market these properties and to help them leverage our brand in order to attract new consumers locally. The big thing here is we want them to be comfortable with the brand, and know that we’re here to support them with tools that range from marketing tools and education, to a full force of 20 business development managers on the field, who are dedicated to providing them with support.

All these tools are meant to help them sell to the leisure traveler, or the destination wedding client. They can work with our business development managers to learn more about these tools, or they can actually go to our travel agent website for more information, which is allinagents.com.

For more information, visit palaceresorts.com or hardrockhotels.com.