Marival Residences & World Spa

If there’s such a thing as more inclusive all-inclusive, this is it. Rather, it’s been dubbed “Seriously All-Inclusive,” a fit description of a resort that really is deluxe, whose food really is gourmet-quality and which includes more extras than clients would probably be able to take advantage of during their stay.

the residences Anywhere else, they’d be great suites. Here, they’re something more—huge havens of comfy luxury of one, two, three and four bedrooms. “We have been able to put together a fantastic all-inclusive program with residences—not even rooms or suites,” says Salvador Ramos, v.p. of sales & marketing for Marival Group, which encompasses Marival Residences & World Spa and Marival Resort & Suites. Every single unit has views of the ocean, the pool and best of all, the lush beauty of Riviera Nayarit. Penthouse bookings have even more—rooftop plunge pools with a view, great for cool evenings and a glass of wine. The bedrooms? Divine and large, with a pillow menu—and the WiFi (available at an extra charge) works great.

A full kitchen comes with a full set of glassware, silverware and china, and they all have their own laundry room, too—so it’s easy to go home happy with a suitcase full of clean clothes. Also roomy are the living and dining areas; bring the kids, the in-laws and the neighbors, because there’s room. For an additional fee, clients can have their fridge and shelves stocked beforehand, or even get a chef to prepare a special meal in their own kitchen.

Should clients really, really love Marival Residences, they can buy one of seven divine villas, each with its own private pool, adjacent to the resort’s main pool.

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This new resort has 162 residences but it really feels like it has half that; because it’s just so intimate, complete with hotel staff getting to know you by name and remembering your likes and dislikes. There’s something very sophisticated and adult about the place, even though it’s not just for grownups. There’s even an adorable Bugs Kids Club complete with a Gamers Room for the older bunch. There are “quiet” pools that snake around the ground floor residences, but they’re not exclusive to these rooms. Any adult staying here can enjoy them should they prefer a kids-free setting—although the main pool is large enough for young and old to enjoy.

the spa The Melange World Spa is a novel concept for spa-goers and unique to Marival Residences, recreating the feel of different countries through decor, music, ambiance and body treatments. A Mexico experience, for instance, allows guests the chance to indulge in the pre-Hispanic tradition of a temazcal cleansing plus a body wrap, facial and massage using indigenous ingredients such as agave and cacao. For an Italian indulgence, clients can jump into a wooden vat and stomp on grapes to enjoy their antioxidant properties, then get an extra-virgin olive oil and salt exfoliation. In the Indian room, clients can soak in a copper tub after their four-hands oil massage. There’s also Japan, Turkey, Thailand, Russia and Bali, each country offering a different twist to the spa experience, plus a wide array of additional treatments: the Repechage Four-Layer Facial, Peppermint Sea Twist Body Treatment, Bamboo Massage and lots more.

The spa is located at The Plaza, also home to D Stock—the place to find your favorite gourmet snacks, fresh breads, sandwiches and other goodies to keep in your residence’s kitchen—and Nick San, one of Mexico’s most famous restaurants. Nick San is not included in Marival’s all-inclusive concept but clients should not miss it. Their inventive sushi, sashimi, nigiri and other choices are highly regarded, combining Japanese cuisine with Mexican ingredients.

The Marival Residences Beach Club is just two minutes away from the property within the Marival Resort. You don’t have to walk, though—you’ll be driven on a golf cart. The Beach Club, exclusive to Residences guests, is also “Seriously All-Inclusive,” so you’re welcome to peruse the menu and have as much ceviche, carpaccio and daiquiris as you want. If you’ve left your reading material behind, the beach concierge can provide you with a magazine plus sunscreen.

the yummies Speaking of food to remember, have clients leave room in their travel journal for the dining experience at Marival. Dining is an eclectic and always exciting treat here—as Ramos describes it, “From burgers and pizzas to fusion and an avant garde experience. That combination makes it very special.”