Mexico Boutique Hotels’ Steller Collection

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Mayan Fertility House at Viceroy Riviera Maya

Q&A with Sylvie Laitre

Explain the concept behind Mexico Boutique Hotels.

Sylvie Laitre: We are a small, private collection that seeks to do three things:

1. Find great small hotels that we know provide unique,
consistently great experiences.

2. Provide clear, honest
information on these properties for travel agents, media
and travelers.

3. Make sure the entire experience is flawless for the client. That means a detailed pre-arrival service and important post-departure follow-ups. We’re the bridge between hotels and their clients, for language purposes but also culturally. Being from Canada and living in Mexico, I know what foreigners expect but also what Mexicans are capable of offering.

What makes the Mexico Boutique Hotels collection unique in the Mexico hotel landscape?

SL: We’re the only collection that focuses on Mexico’s boutique hotels exclusively. We specialize in the subject and know the country well. We’re a truly curated collection (I do it myself). We assure international service-levels but also true Mexican flavor. Our hotels are unique, passionate personal projects of those who built and run them. More than hoteliers, they’re hosts that allow your clients to discover the best of each destination.

Why are they the perfect fit for the luxury traveler looking for that experiential resort stay in Mexico?

SL: Custom care. Attention to detail, architecturally and service-wise. Contact with local culture. Connected owners. Travelers wanting to connect with interesting locals will find them at our hotels.  Our hotels know local designers, artists, chefs and even social-entrepreneurs.

Who is the target clientele?

SL: Our clientele is discerning, well-traveled, interested in food, culture. They seek luxury in the form of comfort and professional service, but look for an authentic setting. They won’t come to Mexico looking for “Italian.” They’ll go to Italy. Our beach hotels draw those that want peace and privacy.

What does each property have to have in order to become part of the collection?

SL: This is a tricky question as we’ve been careful to seek standards of quality in terms of accommodations (sheets, amenities, lighting, menus, wine lists, etc.) and feel, but we don’t have a list that could exclude amazing properties because they don’t have certain items. We look for ambiance, attention and intuitive service. You should feel like taking a picture everywhere you look.

Is location an important aspect to the selection process?

SL: Yes. Location is an integral part of an experience. We want hotels that enhance the regional experience—whatever that may be. They must fit in. Be ambassadors of the destination and promote local treasures (food, artists, music).

Any new properties being added in 2013 that travel agents should be on the lookout for?

SL: There will be but it is still under wraps. We recommend keeping a close eye on our site or simply contacting me directly to be on my “knowledge transfer” list.


Travel agents can contact
Sylvie Laitre at