Twice as Nice for RIU

Much like a fashion designer comes up with sporty, classic and haute couture lines, so does a certain Spanish brand branch out with different “styles” of hotels to an array of clients seeking different experiences and price ranges. It’s a proven formula that’s worked well for the Riu family for decades, since they acquired an 80-room property in Mallorca in 1953 and virtually triggered the island’s tourism. Today, as they keep forging ahead on a worldwide level, the brand keeps its eye on Mexico, one of the chain’s most successful destinations. The winning pair of RIU and Mexico team up again as a winner in Recommend’s Readers’ Choice Awards, with the hotel company winning for Best Resort/Hotel Chain in Mexico.

“We feel very honored to see our work being recognized with this outstanding award. Having been voted by your readers as the Best Resort/Hotel Chain in Mexico for the second consecutive year makes us very proud,” beams Luis Riu, the company’s CEO. “This award gives our employees further incentive not just to continue, but also to improve their work and the service they provide to our clients.”

The Spanish brand has long made a name for itself in both tried-and-true destinations such as Mexico and Jamaica, as well as more distinctive locales including Bulgaria, Croatia and Malta. In Mexico alone, RIU has 16 hotels to date, with more to come. “Mexico will continue being our main focus in America. This year was of great importance for the company because we opened our very first city hotel in Panama, the RIU Panama Plaza…in the heart of the financial district,” explains Riu. “After this first experience, we decided to build our second RIU Plaza hotel in Guadalajara, which will open in June 2011.” The RIU Plaza line caters to both leisure and business travelers, for which they are located in urban areas and armed with executive-friendly services and amenities.

“We are also planning the opening of our fourth hotel in Cancun, which will join the RIU Palace Las Americas, RIU Cancun and RIU Caribe in 2012,” he adds. “This new hotel, currently under construction, will belong to our RIU Palace product line, the most luxurious and upscale hotels in the company.”

Additionally, says the CEO, next year the company will also open three new hotels in Morocco: two in the resort town of Agadir and one in Marrakech, as well as a new property on the island of Boa Vista, in Cape Verde.

But in the end, explains Riu, “It is the client’s satisfaction what makes him come back to repeat his experience with us and to go back to the travel agent that made his great vacation possible choosing the right hotel, at the right place that matched with his individual expectations and needs. We appreciate the trust that travel agents lay on us and we will keep working even harder to show them that we are very aware of the importance of this confidence, especially in current tough economic times.”