Get the Scoop on a TMZ Tour

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TMZ Custom Charters


TMZ, known as the most cited entertainment news source in the world, has been offering a playfully entertaining TMZ Hollywood Tour for quite some time. Adding to that are TMZ Custom Charters, in which guests will have the option to choose their cruise route and see “how the other half live.”

TMZ Custom Charters are offered for Beverly Hills, Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, Malibu or anywhere else your clients may wish to visit. Tours are guided by on-air TMZ personalities, who will provide a detailed and informative experience with all of the humor TMZ is known for. Custom charters can also start, end, or stop off in the areas’ top restaurants and nightclubs, providing guests with VIP access.

TMZ Custom Charters are offered in partnership with Starline Tours, the oldest and largest sightseeing tour company in Los Angeles. Rates vary based on your client’s tour choices. For more information, call (855) 4TMZ-TOUR or visit