Agencia Global Gives Power Back to the Agent

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Travel agents now have a new tool at their disposal: Agencia Global.

Voyages A La Carte’s new online B2B platform provides travel agents with access to millions of consolidator and net fares without fees or mark-ups. The mission? To empower the travel agent by giving them access to world-class innovation, technology and competitive fares.

“Our goal is to provide the lowest possible fares to travel agents and just make it easy for them to use,” says Ryan Saroli, CEO of Voyages A La Carte. “There are some consolidator tools out there, but nothing similar to Agencia Global. Typically online consolidator tools charge transactional fees or take the net fare and mark it up slightly and offer that to agents. We don’t do either of those.”

Commissions to agents are reconciled and paid out on a monthly basis and full customer support for American and Canadian agents will be offered out of Voyages A La Carte’s head office; any changes or service required for travel agents in the post-booking process will be fully supported by a highly trained team, not supported by a third party or off shore call center.

Voyages A La Carte received feedback from its network of 5,000 travel agents across the U.S. and Canada and its new platform, Agencia Global, has been designed with travel agents in mind.

Saroli believes that “We have the strongest platform, with an appearance similar to an online travel agency, where you enter your destination and dates, number of passengers and then pick from a number of options. Commissions that we pay to agents are displayed in real time. The ease of use and functionality is unlike anything out there.”

Agents will be able to access Agencia Global free of charge with no surcharges on bookings, points out Saroli. He adds that any income generated for Voyages A La Carte through the platform will come via segment revenue from bookings made through GDS, as well as payments from airlines for reaching booking targets.

Agencia Global also features built-in fraud-screening tools—a must in today’s environment. The platform makes a risk assessment for any given booking by weighing factors such as the name of the credit cardholder and passenger, as well as the origin and destination of the booking. Those which don’t pass the assessment are investigated further.

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