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Whether your clients are Millennials, Gen Xers or Baby Boomers, today’s traveler wants to feel like they’ve dove into a destination, not just taken a quick dip. It’s no longer just about traveling to Europe and visiting five cities in a week, says Delta Vacations’ president Jennie Ho. “Today’s traveler is more experienced. People want a more in-depth experience; people are looking for that authentic local experience they can’t have at home.”

With that in mind, Delta Vacations has curated a few out-of-the-box experiences in Paris that delve into the “City of Light.” Says Patricia Christensen, director of product development for Delta Vacations, “We are trying to get a little bit more unique [with these offerings], even including a perfume workshop excursion in Paris.”

Christensen is referring to the Perfumer’s Apprentice Workshop with Fragonard, an apprentice workshop at the Fragonard Perfume Museum. Your client’s experience begins with their teacher introducing them to different scents, followed by them creating their own personalized eau de cologne from the various essences available (they’ll take it home with them in a 100-ml bottle and pouch). A tour of the museum is also included, providing access to behind-the-scenes displays of perfume making.

Another singular excursion is the Marias Walking Tour, where clients have the opportunity to walk the medieval streets and squares learning about the historical roots of private mansions that were once owned by 17th century aristocrats. The guide will also point out the neighborhood’s rare medieval architecture, lavish courtyards and secret gardens, including the beautiful Hôtel de Ville. The tour also takes participants along the Jewish quarter with its famed bakeries and delis for a stop at a classic Parisian cafe for a coffee break.

Other excursions are the Canal Saint Martin Food Tour,which takes participants along the scenic waterway in a trendy Parisian neighborhood; and the Medieval Paris Tour, with visits to Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame Cathedral.

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