Uncharted Africa Takes Guests to New Heights

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Uncharted Africa Safari has teamed up with Kenya charter company, Tropic Air, to offer a one-of-a-kind helicopter safari excursion to the most remote areas of Ethiopia. This journey allows guests to see and experience previously inaccessible areas, boasting rock fields, lava flows, volcanoes,  lakes and remote tribes.

The safari starts in the remote region of the Omo River Delta—dubbed one of the last wild frontiers in the world—an area where the many colorful tribes call home. From here, the safari moves north to Ethiopia’s holiest city, Lalibela and later, further extremes are experienced in the Danakil Depression, one of the hottest places on earth and home to acid volcanoes and saline lakes.

Ralph Bousfield—co-founder of Uncharted Africa Safari and one of Africa’s best-known guides—will lead guests on this heli-safari. The safari experience is limited to parties of only two persons per helicopter.

For more information, including rates, e-mail reservations@unchartedafrica.com or visit unchartedafrica.com.