Bardessono: Napa’s Epicenter of Eco-Chic

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JT: There is another thing we do for our guests that’s very popular. Every guest bathroom here is designed as a spa treatment room. Each is over 325 square feet, which is larger than a lot of hotel rooms. They have wood floors, two sinks opposite each other and a soak tub with air jets built for two. The showers are also steam rooms, and they’re amazing. You can walk into a shower and then walk out the back door of the shower into an outdoor shower in your private garden, where you can soak up a little sun.

Then there’s a very large open space in the middle of the bathroom. Built into one wall of cabinetry there’s a massage table and massage linens. And people love this. This is by far the most popular activity we have on-property—the in-room spa treatments.

So if you’re in our hotel and you book a spa treatment, which most of our guests do, we will send first a spa butler. And the spa butler will unlock the cabinetry, set up the table, put out the linens, set up the candles, fill the tub, offer you a choice of organic bubble bath or salts, put rose petals in the tub. Then there’s a music system in the bathroom where you can play your own iPod music or we can provide our music for you. And after the treatment is over, you can go into the steam room or the soak tub or the garden. Or you just can get into bed. But basically the entire room has been transformed into a spa treatment room.

GO: Wow. Some of my readers are already booking a plane ticket.

JT: Greg, it’s an extraordinarily luxurious and very personal experience that we can deliver.

GO: And then you could probably have someone come by with a nice bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée sparkling wine and a plate of fresh picked strawberries from the garden. With some artisanal brie from a farm just down the road?

JT: Yes, we probably could.