Holland America’s Volendam

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Following a few days at sea to relax, the Volendam makes its way to Tasmania. A tour of the Trowunna Wildlife Park, where passengers can pet a koala bear, see the Tasmanian devils, hold a baby wombat and learn about the area’s fascinating wildlife is highly recommended. If your client decides to do something else in Tasmania, be sure to suggest not missing a venture into the Australian wildlife when the ship docks at the next port—Melbourne. A visit to the Ballarat Wildlife Park is highly recommended. There also is an opportunity to visit Sovereign Hill and relive an 1850’s gold strike and uprising. It’s a little bit Disney-esque, but certainly worth visiting.

The next day, the disembarking at Sydney, according to a number of the veteran cruisers aboard the Volendam, was the easiest and most outstanding procedure that they’ve ever experienced in their many years of cruising. There was no overcrowded gatherings in lounges or waiting for a group to be called. The passenger relaxes in their stateroom and then when the announcement comes for disembarkation, one quickly exits the ship, finds their luggage, is directed to a bus to take them to their transportation or to some other designated site.

Holland America’s Richard D. Meadows, CTC, executive v.p. of marketing, sales and guest programs, proudly boasts that they offer the best opportunities to have a New Zealand vacation than any other premium cruise line. Those who have taken the cruise will agree with him.

The Volendam will offer three New Zealand experiences in 2010. The cruises are scheduled for Jan. 20, and Feb. 3 and 28 departures. With the popularity and interest in New Zealand (and Australia) growing, the recommendation is…book your clients early.