Karisma Offers Top Commission

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Karisma Hotels & Resorts


You can be in heaven yourself as your clients walk down the aisle when you book a wedding at any El Dorado Spa Resort & Hotel or Azul Hotel, by Karisma, and receive 19 percent commission on wedding parties of 15 rooms or more.

Located amidst stunning scenery throughout the Riviera Maya, Karisma’s properties offer onsite wedding coordinators that can create personalized weddings and receptions—a seamless way to get that 19 percent.

And there are lots of specials to entice couples to get married at Karisma, including bride and groom stay free at El Dorado Casitas Royale when you book at least seven rooms; bride and groom stay free at Azul Fives Hotel when you book at least eight rooms; and bride and groom stay free at all other hotels in the portfolio when you book at least 16 rooms.

For those couples who like to plan in advance, you can tell them about the early booking bonus—30 percent off weddings for couples booking nine months out.

Book through your preferred tour operator or call (866) KARISMA.