Mexico Says "I Do" to Destination Weddings

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But first and foremost, it’s all about training to sell those destination weddings. “Selling weddings is different from selling honeymoons and other romance. It’s more of a groups sell, where one first has to be trained in what Mexico offers, then in becoming the link to ensure that the bride gets everything thing she wants,” explains Morales Harbich. “It’s so important that [agents] develop relationships with Mexican suppliers, with hotels and with wedding planners in those hotels, to know what each specializes in.”

A solid relationship with hotels works both ways, she adds. A bride might approach the hotel directly but then find herself overwhelmed with the issue of arranging flights and other logistics. This is where a hotel could step in and recommend an agent that could put it together for her. This is supported by Funjet’s Marks, who recommend’s the following to those heading to the altar in Mexico: “Always seek the advice of a good travel agent who specializes in destination weddings instead of trying to plan your destination wedding yourself. A good travel agent will not only be able to recommend resorts that meet your needs, but they can also provide you with the most value and can help you with planning all the details.”