Rail Travel

Rail Travel

Quito’s New Airport Opens Tomorrow

Effective Feb. 20, passengers will be taking off from and landing in Quito, Ecuador at the new Mariscal Sucre Airport, located 15 miles northeast of Quito in the Tababela parish.

A Journey on the Rails

With rail offers in North America and Europe, travelers can sit back and enjoy the scenery while traveling by train.

The Wonders of Switzerland this Winter

The picturesque country of Switzerland offers more than white-powered slopes to travelers this winter season

Napa Valley Revisited

Evergreen getaway winners such as Napa Valley are, as any travel agent will attest, always top-of-mind for selling again. And again.
Rail Europe

Earn 25 Percent Commission from Rail Europe

Rail Europe is rewarding agents with commission rates at 25 percent for their bookings of the company’s Rail Protection Plan.
Fresh Tracks Canada

Train Travel Tours and Treats

Touring by train offers some solid benefits to passengers, getting them to new destinations, and making the process of getting there just as enjoyable as the destination itself.
Red Mangrove Dive Academy

Adventures for Any Element

Get active; go green. More and more often, we’re hearing slogans like this in all aspects of our daily lives. So why not incorporate these into a nice vacation, too?
Rail Europe offers two promotions through June 14.

Two Rail Europe Promotions Make Hearts Flutter

With two promotions running through June 14, Rail Europe is making it easy to get your clients from Point A to Point B…and Points C, D, and E, too.

Exeter International Offers Rail Travel with Danube Express

Exeter International is offering tours aboard the Danube Express, a historical rail tour that makes 4-, 7- and 10-day journeys with stops between Warsaw and Istanbul.

Get Rewarded When Saving Clients 20 Percent with Eurostar Standard Premier Sale

Known for whisking travelers between London, Paris and Brussels with panoramic views and in serene comfort, the Eurostar train is the most popular mode of high-speed, long-distance transportation in Europe.

Heritage is GREAT Britain: Explore Britain by Car and Rail with Avanti Destinations

Britain may be compact, but it’s big where it counts for most travelers, with its deep and rich history.

Travel by Rail

Whether it’s home or abroad, rail travel can not only cut down on travel time, it can also provide more family time.

Portugal Features Food, Wine and Relaxation

From North to South, and everywhere in between, Portugal has something for everyone.

VIA Rail Heads to Polar Bear Country

Prime polar bear season has just begun, making it an ideal time to travel aboard VIA Rail Canada’s Winnipeg-Churchill route.

A Good Turn for Bern

Lucerne may pack a beauty wallop and Geneva may be petite, squeaky-clean and international, but it’s Bern and the Emmental region that jolted our senses.

Rocky Mountaineer Debuts 2012 Virtual Brochure

Rocky Mountaineer has announced the launch of its 2012 virtual brochure featuring two new additions to its Western Canadian rail itineraries.

Save on Spain With Rail Europe

Rail Europe has launched broader fare options on Spain train tickets for North American travelers.

Seniors Save With VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail Canada, Canada’s premier railway service, connects all corners of Canada, allowing visitors to enjoy far-off regions like Churchill, Gaspe and Prince Rupert.

Rail Travel Through Western Canada

Rocky Mountaineer takes passengers on a journey through the golden age of rail.