Tour Operators

Tour Operators


Journese Announces New Travel Advisor Incentive

Journese announces new travel advisor incentive where travel advisors can earn up to 500 bonus TRIP Points for every new Journese booking at select resorts.

Travel Leaders Corporate & ALTOUR Join Forces

Travel Leaders Corporate and ALTOUR’s corporate travel business are aligning under a single powerful brand.

Tour Operators Look to 2021 for Rebound

2021 will be the “first chance to move ahead, as there is lots of uncertainty in the short term.”

Post-COVID, Regional Vacations Will Flourish

The current travel pause is expected to generate renewed interest in regional travel within the U.S. as more travelers will be looking for trips closer to home once the “stay in place” orders are lifted.
mother's day

Mother’s Day: Exploring the World Virtually Together

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and though, this year many will be celebrating apart, we have a few ideas to bring you together as you explore the world right from your kitchen or living room.

Backroads Slowly Looking To Post-COVID Travel

Backroads is slowing starting to look toward post-Covid travel and just released their 2021 trip dates, as well as new protocol for post coronavirus trips.
tcs world

TCS World Travel Shares Vision for Travel

TCS World Travel believes that travel makes the world better. But right now, staying at home is making the world better.
avanti destinations

Avanti Destinations’ Land Future Travel Credit Offer

Avanti Destinations is working to make your clients’ Land Future Travel Credit (Land FTC) more flexible, by now allowing guests to transfer the Land FTC to another person.
poseidon expeditions

Poseidon Expeditions Eases the Travel Bug with Virtual Expeditions

As the world is still in travel lock-down mode, most of us long for the day we can freely explore the world once again. To ease the travel bug need, Poseidon Expeditions is offering up an online travel menu of virtual expedition cruises.
Finger Licking Foodie

New Finger Licking Foodie Tours in Vegas + Thank you to Frontline Workers

When Las Vegas’ restaurants reopen, food lovers will be able to eat and explore their way through the city like never before with an innovative, private, self-guided, e-assisted culinary tour created by Finger Licking Foodie Tours.
G adventures

G Adventures Suspends Tours & Works with Planeterra to Help Global Communities

G Adventures has taken the necessary decision to further suspend all tours departing up to and including June 30, 2020
kensington tours

Kensington Tours’ Agent Incentive

Kensington Tours is offering an agent incentive to help you protect your clients’ investment by re-booking their trip and earn bonus cash.
austin adventures

Austin Adventures is Helping Travel Advisors When they Need it Most

Austin Adventures is helping out travel advisors when they need it most. The tour operator company is offering a two-part stimulus program for travel advisors as they navigate changes within the travel industry due to the effects of COVID-19.

All About Tours Resigns USTOA Membership

All About Tours has resigned its USTOA membership, following the planned retirement of the family owners as announced in 2019.

Backroads Inspires Future Travel

Backroads has responded to the impact of shelter in place restrictions by bringing the Backroads experience to future guests in a variety of ways.
travel advisor network

Looking Ahead: A Trio of Operators Offer a Myriad of Options

These travel companies are looking ahead into the future with bookable options.

Future Expeditions to Remote Destinations With Pelorus

PELORUS devise new expeditions to remote destinations and encourage clients to plan for future travel adventures post-COVID-19.

Virtual Adventures for Kids with Austin Adventures

Austin Adventures will be hosting a series of virtual adventures for kids.
g adventures

G Adventures Further Suspends Tours Through May

G Adventures has decided to further suspend all tours departing up to and including May 31, 2020.
Tenon Tours

Tenon Tours Resigns USTOA Membership

Tenon Tours has voluntarily resigned its USTOA membership. Accordingly, Tenon Tours no longer participates in the USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program.