Affordable Niche Travel in Australia

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the youth market But here’s one of the more unique ideas Tourism Australia came up with a couple of years ago. Certainly the youth market potential was pretty hot prior to the recession when young people were getting out of college and walking into some pretty high-salary jobs. Now they’re lucky if they can find a position at McDonalds or Blockbusters.

So, Tourism Australia recently partnered with STA Travel and V Australia to offer different travel and work options for those 18 to 30 including roundtrip airfare from LAX to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane on V Australia from $676: a Work & Travel package—1-year work and holiday visa, 2-night accommodations, orientation, job leads and more. The different vacation options (with land and air), meanwhile, include Surf Melbourne from $1,002; Dive the Reef from $1,572 and Western Explorer from $1,659.

Australia’s 2-year-old Work and Holiday visa program allows American students and recent graduates (ages 18 to 30) the opportunity to work and travel in Australia for up to a 12-month period. Australia is the first country with which the United States has entered into a work and holiday visa arrangement.

“The ability to go to Australia for up to 12 months, get a job and experience our unique and diverse adventures is very appealing to many young Americans. And what could be a more enjoyable way of adding to one’s resume?” says Tourism Australia’s v.p., Americas, Daryl Hudson.

“Taking up to a year to work and play in Australia becomes a real possibility for many people when they realize resources are there to help them be successful—accommodations when they arrive, job training and leads, and to be connected to a nationwide network of young people looking to explore all that Australia has to offer,” says James Bell, commercial v.p., STA Travel.

With the launch last year of V Australia, Richard Branson’s newest international airline, currently offering flights to Sydney and Brisbane, with a Melbourne route to be added in December this year, the company is also focusing on that youth market. “Young people have a special affinity toward the Virgin brand and V Australia is no exception. The Australian-style journey begins the minute our guests step on the aircraft,” says Scott Swift, executive general manager, V Australia. “Additionally, through our domestic sister airline, Virgin Blue, travelers have direct, easy and affordable access to all corners of the country.”