Austin-Lehman Brings Tours to Cuba

Austin-Lehman Adventures (ALA) has announced it will host cultural /educational adventures to Cuba beginning in early 2012.

With a license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Affairs, ALA’s programs will promote cross-cultural contact through licensed guided tours in Cuba in a style similar to its other culturally immersive international programs, according to Dan Austin, the company’s founder and director.

One 10-day itinerary (number of scheduled departures still undetermined as of press time) will launch in early 2012. Custom small group trips will also be offered.

“Because most Americans have been prevented from visiting Cuba since the U.S. embargo in the 1960s, we are extremely curious about our neighbor just 90 miles to the south of Key West, FL,” says Austin. “Our license will allow us to finally lift the veil and rediscover this destination that’s been off-limits to Americans the past 50 years.” He also notes that Cuba is an untapped market that “fits well with our core goals of exotic/desirable destinations, easy access from the U.S., lots of activities, a distinct and colorful culture, a friendly and welcoming host population and opportunities to immerse travelers in authentic Cuban life including world-renowned music, cuisine, art and dance.”

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For more information, call (800) 575-1540 or visit