Thrillseekers’ Tours at Zambia’s Tongabezi Lodge

Tongabezi Lodge


Skydiving, bungee-jumping, base jumping…any thrillseeker that enjoys a view from above has heard these all before. But how about swimming along the edge of a 354-ft.-tall waterfall?

Victoria Falls—you may have heard of it—is unique from many of the other “world’s largest” waterfalls. Not only is the top of the falls divided in two by the lush Livingstone Island, it also offers thrillseekers the chance to visit Devil’s Pool, a submerged rock formation on the edge of the falls that, when the water levels are just right, has a very low current, allowing brave-hearted swimmers to cool off with an amazing view.

And now, the luxurious Tongabezi Lodge in Victoria Falls, Zambia, is offering its guests the chance to take the plunge themselves with five daily guided Livingstone Island tours to the site. Tour rates start at $70 pp, with children ages 5 and under receiving a 50 percent discount.

Accommodation options at Tongabezi Lodge feature the more elegant houses and the more rustic chalets. An extensive list of activities is available, including the bungee-jumping we mentioned earlier, as well as more relaxed options such as spa treatments. Rates start from $415 pp per night. For more information, visit