Travel Talk

Travel Talk

Mayflower Tours

Mayflower Tours is one of those small, family-owned companies that many try to emulate but seldom succeed. With offices in Downers Grove...

Ascend Collection

Ever since the term “boutique hotel” first reared its head sometime in the early 1980s to define several small, quirky and appealing hotels...

Time-Tested Travel with Trafalgar Tours

The name Trafalgar might be to travel what the name Disney is to family entertainment—a legendary force in the business that has had...

Building the Icon of Luxury Jumeirah

Even if there is no such thing as a “seven-star” hotel, the Jumeirah Group—which owns the celebrated Burj al Arab and the three-resort city...

Artisans of Leisure

Occasionally, travel agents are faced with extraordinary requests that tax patience, knowledge and expertise. A client may stipulate special...

What’s Your Andaz?

If you were curious enough to inquire about a hotel chain on the name alone, Andaz would be your choice. You would find that it is the Urdu word...

Easing into Asia

Some might argue that there is nothing easy about booking travel to Asia. But Easy Tours of Asia (ETA) would disagree. The company started...


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