Collette Vacations

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At the same time, travelers are hooked on small group travel and for that Collette launched Explorations, a series of new tour programs that feature 16-24 passengers per departure and which, Villasenor says, have received rave reviews. “It’s one of our fastest-growing brands.” Basic features include sightseeing that ventures more easily off the beaten path, plus unique dining that often incorporates a chef-led demonstration and stays in boutique-style accommodations.

No company spokesperson, however, would let the cat out of the bag on the new travel-beyond-the-ordinary initiatives being added to the Explorations program for next year—those will be announced this fall. So stay tuned in to a company which, if not ahead of the pack, picks up the scent of travel trends and runs with innovative, increasingly responsible and always all-inclusive travel experiences. Perhaps that is why Collette Vacations is still booking and rebooking satisfied travelers after nearly a century in the business of high-value escorted tours.