Israel for Explorers

While travelers have the assurance of IsraelExperts’ deep knowledge of the country, travel agents will also feel confident that their clients’ expectations will be met.

israel unplugged Another well-regarded firm that has demonstrated enviable results for offering distinctive activities in Israel is Goway Travel, founded more than 40 years ago in Toronto by an Australian research economist.

“We offer a wide range of choices for those who want to see Israel off-the-beaten track and behind the scenes,” says Emma Cottis, product and marketing manager. “We have found that a growing number of visitors to many parts of the world not only want to experience the destination, but also to get a glimpse of life in those foreign places.”

For example, Goway’s Wine and Culture Tour is an excellent and delicious way to see Israel’s modern side.

The trip begins appropriately with a wine bar reception in Jaffa and continues down the wine road in the Carmel area—Israel’s answer to California’s Napa Valley—where guests experience the delights of Druze cuisine. Stops also include sampling sessions in boutique wineries in the Golan Heights, exploring archaeological sites in Beit-Shean, boat rides on the Sea of Galilee and a stop in Masada, the legendary fortress where Jews held back scores of Roman legions in ancient times.

Other interesting stops include a cheese farm and a visit to Yoav-Yehuda’s Salesian Monastery, a religious convent for cloistered nuns renowned for the delicate pottery they produce on the grounds.

Priced at about $4,497, this 8-day trip also offers the choice of touring in a private luxury auto (Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz) for an additional $495 for a group of four.

Most of the accommodations for this tour are in plush B&Bs and the farewell dinner is a luxurious event in Jerusalem’s legendary Bulghourji Restaurant in the heart of the old city’s Armenian Quarter.

If that tour seems a bit too close to civilization, Goway also offers an 8-day Desert Adventure Tour (approximately $3,483 pp dbl) that begins in Jaffa and continues in 4WD vehicles through the Solomon Wadi, heading west up the Negev Plateau, past the gasp-inducing sites of the Red Canyon and the Eteq Canyon where wildlife thrive in incredibly barren terrain.

Accommodations generally are in kibbutzim far from the hurly-burly pace of modern Israel.

Visitors will explore places like the Ein Evrona Reserve where the wind-blown desert sand gives way to pools of shallow water, home to flamingoes and other endemic birds.

The tours offered by IsraelExperts and Goway are ideal for clients who want to see Israel unplugged, a country as fascinating and enchanting as its history.